Affinity VoIP Telecom is a premier wholesale carrier of Termination services both domestic and international, built to service those with switches for residential and outbound call center needs.

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We can have you up and running the same day in most cases! You can't go wrong with our unique flat rate domestic and Canada pricing and competitive International rates.
Affinity VOIP Telecom offers the highest quality domestic and international A-Z wholesale VoIP termination available. We provide multiple routes to virtually every destination on the planet resulting in a highly available service with exceptional call quality and support for a variety of codecs all at competitive rates.
We offer two pricing models for US Domestic Termination service.

Flat Rate Service - Affinity provides single rate pricing, also known as flat rate or fixed rate pricing. Affinity's single rate pricing structure is an alternative to its NPA/NXX based pricing model. Our flat rate service is provided to those organizations that either do not have or want to use an advanced routing engine of their own but need high quality voice connections along with a high likelyhood of call completion. We use multiple tier one carriers to ensure the highest possible voice quality available. In addition, we maintain relationships with multiple carriers to ensure successful call completion. If one carrier cannot or will not connect the call for some reason, our routing engine will automatically route the call to another carrier. We maintain an efficient mix of carriers in order to accommodate strong redundancy with rapid connect times.

Our flat or fixed rate pricing is based off of a "fair blend" of traffic. In order for Affinity to be able to sell US domestic termination services for a single rate to all of the locations provided, Affinity depends on a balanced amount of traffic from its Customer to go to highly populated destinations where Affinity's cost is reduced as well as to outlying destinations that may be more expensive to Affinity. Customers that have advanced switching capability who want to "Cherry Pick" should use our NPA/NXX Service.

NPA/NXX Service - Affinity also provides an NPA/NXX based routing model for organizations that have advanced routing engines capable of handling this type of call routing. This routing model requires multiple additional resources in order to ensure call completion. Contact Sales for Details
After exhaustive research and analysis, we have designed four different international products that target four different potential customers: those who are price sensitive, those that need quality yet are still somewhat price sensitive, those that need the highest of quality and those who only have a need for specific destinations. Please find our product descriptions below:

A-Z Value Routes - We have designed this product to help you maximize your profit on every call that completes over this route by putting it into your LCR routing engine. While your call completions with this route are going to be lower than our Premium and Premium CLI products, you should still expect the calls to have quality once they connect. Technical Support is available during normal working hours through our email ticketing system. If, after testing, you need higher completion, or overall higher quality, you will likely want to test our Premium offering.

A-Z Premium Routes - We have designed this product to maximize call completions for this price range. CLI sometimes passes, but is not widely available for all destinations. This route experiences much higher call completion than our value route. This is a great product for those that do not have a need for CLI on a majority of calls. Technical Support is available during normal business hours through our toll free Support Line, as well as through our email ticketing system.

Boutique Routes - If you have a high monthly volume to any destination and do not need an A-Z rate deck, please contact us.
Unlike most wholesale VoIP Termination vendors, we accept, welcome, invite, and cater to the following types of Dialer Traffic:

  1. Call Center
  2. Pre-recorded Messages
  3. Live Operator Representative
  4. Answering Machine Only
  5. Predictive Dialer
  6. Telemarketing Dialers
  7. Smart predictive Dialer
  8. Hosted predictive Dialer
  9. Call Blaster
  1. Robo Call (Robocall, Robo-Call)
  2. Robo Dialer (Robodialer, Robo-Dialer)
  3. Auto Dialer (Autodialer, Auto-Dialer)
  4. Smart Dialer (Smartdialer, Smart-Dialer)
  5. Smart Auto Dialer (Smart Autodialer, Smart Auto-Dialer)
  6. Semi-automatic dialer
  7. Automatic Dialer
  8. Hard Dialer
  9. Soft Dialer
We have a special pricing model and segregated platform that allows us to provide the highest quality US Domestic VoIP Termination service for Dialers. Dialer traffic has the ability to over load a companies network infrastructure due to the tendency for the traffic to be delivered in high volume calls per second with lower connection rates and short duration times. This ultimately results in the need for substantial hardware and connectivity infrastructure in order to accommodate such traffic. The difficulty any vendor has with this type of traffic is the large amount of cost needed to support that type of load given the low revenue per call that results from this type of traffic. Affinity has developed a platform and a business model that allows customers that use Auto Dialers to take advantage of new technologies while simultaneously keeping costs low. If you have dialer traffic, we invite you to use our service. All we ask is that you inform us ahead of time so we can properly accommodate you.
We have a generous Agent Program that allows Agents to refer business to us and make an ongoing residual income. Please contact our sales team for additional details.
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